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We cannot think of any activity that does not require energy. Hence it is aptly said that energy is life. Most popular and common form of energy sources for us is electricity and fuels. Fuels like coal, diesel, petrol, wood and LPG gas are the major sources of heat energy. Serious thoughts need to be accorded to evaluate the economic competitiveness of all available energy sources in the background of three main parameters. These relate to an increasing gap between the demand and supply of conventional power, accompanying transmission and distribution losses and importantly, the climatic changes in the environment.

The Renewable Energy Club (REC) was established in 2006 with auspicious initiation of Non-Conventional Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd., (NEDCAP) Hyderabad and with constant encouragement from Management and Principal. Since its inception Seminars, Quiz, Elocution competitions on Renewable Energy are conducted. The main objective of this programme is to develop incessant spirit of competition among the students and to provide a forum for interaction and exchange of views between the students from various institutions.

Events organized by Renewable Energy Club

Events Competitions

"ChECK 2007" on 24th February, 2007

Paper presentation

“Energy Conservation” on 30th March, 2007


"Sustainable Energy for Present and Future Needs" on 30th July, 2007

Paper presentation

“Renewable Energy” on 29th August, 2007

Plenary Lectures

“Non-Conventional Energy” on 27th December, 2008

Quiz & Elocution

“Harvesting and Benefits of Renewable Energy" on 11th January, 2010

Paper presentation & Elocutions

"Renewable Energy - To Meet The Energy Crises” on 22nd December, 2010

Paper Presentation

"NEW and Renewable Energy for Ever” on 22nd February, 2012

Paper Presentation and Quiz

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