The Department of Chemical Engineering with its laboratories, lecture halls, faculty rooms and Seminar halls etc., are housed in an exclusive building. The Department has the state of the art equipment necessary for curricular needs and latest software in Chemical Engineering like AspenONE V7.1 and TSPL.

The following are the laboratories:

  1. Momentum Transfer.
  2. Mechanical Operations.
  3. Process Heat Transfer.
  4. Chemical Technology.
  5. Mass Transfer Operations.
  6. Instrumentation & Process Control.
  7. Chemical Reaction Engineering.
  8. Pollution Control.
  9. Computational Programming.
  10. Computer Aided Process Equipment Design Laboratory.
  11. Research Laboratory.

Further, the Department shares the equipment in Momentum Transfer laboratory with Civil Engineering Department besides the common facilities like Workshop, Electrical, Computational and Communication skills laboratories. The laboratories are so equipped that all experiments prescribed in the curriculum can be conducted. In fact all the experiments are conducted. The Department is complimented with adequate staff with seven Ph.D. and three M.Tech.