Chemical Engineering


To develop a center of academic excellence in the field of Chemical Engineering, capable of training Chemical Engineering professionals to cater the needs of the society.

Programme Educational Objectives

The student

  1. Acquires working knowledge of applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and basic Engineering Sciences that lay the solid foundation for understanding the core Chemical Engineering and specializations.
  2. Develops an understanding of engineering principles related to the major aspects of Chemical Engineering phenomena, processes, materials and products.
  3. Develops ability to obtain data and information necessary to formulate and to solve problems related to Chemical Engineering Equipment/ unit operations / unit processes with or without the support of software.
  4. Analyses and synthesizes the knowledge of various courses to design/innovate on the existing equipment/ processes
  5. Integrates knowledge of core and allied courses to comprehend the multi-disciplinary nature of technological and organizational problems.
  6. Develops inter-personal skills, managerial skills, professional ethics & values and entrepreneurship needed for professional success and growth of the organization and individual.
  7. Recognizes the need for higher studies and life long learning to adopt oneself in the face of ever changing technologies and practices and be alive to the needs of industry and society.

Programme Outcomes

The graduates have

  1. An ability to apply knowledge of advanced mathematics, physical sciences and engineering principles to practical problems in their respective professions.
  2. An ability to improve the efficiency of processes and quality of products in chemical industry.
  3. An ability to identify, formulate and solve chemical engineering problems.
  4. An ability to design innovative processes and equipment suitable to the contemporary needs of the chemical industry and to promote the qualities of leadership and employability.
  5. An ability to work in multidisciplinary teams consisting of professionals from various disciplines of Engineering, Physical Sciences and Humanities supported by continuous Industry - Institution Interaction.
  6. An ability to be employed in software based jobs related to chemical engineering equipment design and process simulation.
  7. An ability to communicate effectively in multicultural environment and work with professional ethics and responsibility.
  8. An ability to gather information and procreate effective technical reports and oral presentations.
  9. An ability to design systems, components or processes to meet specified objectives within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability and sustainability in the field of chemical engineering.
  10. An ability to engage in lifelong learning and to update technical know-how by self learning besides learning a great deal by associating with professional bodies and alumni.
  11. An ability to succeed in the graduate competitive examinations and pursue higher studies in chemical engineering or lateral disciplines.

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